(Black + Transparent) Soft Silicone 2 Pairs Ear Tips Earpods Cover Earphone Case


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Ships from Hong Kong. According to different people’ s ear structure, these Earpods are designed to be most comfortable by its stylish and ergonomic design. In addition, its light weight on ears dis-minimize your hurting when listening or calling for a long time. Creating comfort is creating a good life, which is the mission of our Earpods. When you do some exercises, it keeps your Earpods secure and anchored in your ear. Creative design makes a storage box for convenient collection. Wherever or whenever you go, you can bring it together because of its small and light. Made of premium silicone for long-lasting comfort. Simple and innovative design keeps application/removal hassle-free. Includes 2 pairs + Earpods Carrying Case, for you to find the best fit. Be enjoyable in the gym,or long-distance outdoor running on rainy day. If you are looking for headset accessories for doing exercise, do not hesitate to get one for yourself!

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